Design & Create AR
Climbing Routes

The ClimbDesigner App allows you to create Bouldering Routes in Augmented Reality, these routes can then be shared with others, tap on a route on your iOS/Android phone to set it in AR.

3D Models are generated from your route, which we then generate videos and AR Scenes


v5 / 6c / 6c+

Hard press up with blocked off holds



v5 / 6c / 6c+

Short and sweet, stand on the volume to start

Volume catcher

v4 / 6b / 6b+

Hard start on the volume

Candy ladder

vb / 3

Easy warm up

#Candy  | #easy


v2 / 5+

Get around the corner


Threes company

v5 / 6c / 6c+

Balls all the way up