Design & Create AR
Climbing Routes

Good luck to all climbers at The Olympic Games in Tokyo!

The ClimbDesigner App allows you to create Bouldering Routes in Augmented Reality, these routes can then be shared with others, tap on a route on your iOS/Android phone to set it in AR.

3D Models are generated from your route, which we then generate videos and AR Scenes


v5 / 6c / 6c+

Hard press up with blocked off holds



v5 / 6c / 6c+

Short and sweet, stand on the volume to start

Volume catcher

v4 / 6b / 6b+

Hard start on the volume

Candy ladder

vb / 3

Easy warm up

#Candy  | #easy


v2 / 5+

Get around the corner


Threes company

v5 / 6c / 6c+

Balls all the way up